Accept Space CODEV Terms & Conditions

The Space CODEV platform may only be used upon registration and acceptance of the Terms & Conditions. Afterwards, your account must be approved.

With clicking "I accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy" during registration you confirm that you have read, understood, and that you accept the Terms & Conditions of the Space CODEV platform. You also confirm that you have read, understood, and will respect the Community Behaviour Practices.

For your information, the Space CODEV platform is operated respecting your privacy as described in our Privacy Notice.

Approval of user accounts

Please note that your account must be approved by an administrator before you can access any contents on the platform. Therefore, please allow for some time after registration. For details see Joining Space CODEV.

Corporate users

If you are an employee of a corporate entity please check back with your employer in terms of participating in Space CODEV.

If possible, every corporate entity engaging in Space CODEV should provide a signed copy of the acceptance of the Terms & Conditions (PDF), either digitally signed via e-mail to or as signed paper copy via standard mail.


You can also download this information as PDF files: