The Space CODEV Community

Current state

The Space CODEV collaborative development platform (this platform) is currently operated by the European Space Agency (ESA) according to the Terms & Conditions. The platform is open to European Space entities such as international or national Space agencies, Space industry, Academia, and other European entities or natural persons with an affiliation to the Space domain.

Coming soon

It is however foreseen that the operation of the platform will be taken over by a new governance body, which is still to be founded by ESA and other European Space entities. Within this new governance body, which we call the Space CODEV Community for the time being, it is envisaged that the founding members define their own governance rules and corresponding membership scheme.

We need your help!

Therefore, the next step in the evolution towards a living community is the creation of such a governance body that provides a home to the Space CODEV Community, for example a German eingetragene Genossenschaft (eG) or similar European non-profit organization. Any help or support in this respect would be highly appreciated, please provide your related ideas or suggestions to or contribute to the open discussion in the related Call for Ideas!